Legal status, Name, Address of the company

Abbreviation name: VDO Trading,.JSC
Business code 0104076892
Date Range 28/07/2009
Issue Date Hanoi Department of Planning and Investment
Headquarter: No. 61, Me Tri Thuong Street 61, Me Tri Ward, Nam Tu Liem District, Hanoi
Representative office 366 Huynh Van Banh, Ward 14, Phu Nhuan District – HCM. City
Tel 04 7305 6666 – 08 7308 6666

Functions and duties

Vietnam Data Online Joint Stock Company is established to main provide products and services as follows:

  • Rent Datacenter as a main processing data center (DC) and backup data center (DR) for bank, finance and the State organizations and departments (Disaster Recovery Backup).
  • Rent device and server location (Co-location Server).
  • Rent servers (Dedicated Server).
  • Rent virtual servers (VPS Server).
  • Cloud Server, Cloud Storage/ Cloud Server, Cloud Storage.
  • Rent Rack cabinet of 42U, 47U and 50U standards.
  • Server solutions/ services (Solutions/ Managed services).
  • Trade in copyright software products (Microsoft, Vmware, Direct Admin, Cpanel, Parallels plesk panel, Hosting controller, etc.)
  • Domain name registration services (Domain), Website storage (Web Hosting)
  • Trade in server hardware devices, network devices, storage devices (IBM, DELL, HP, CISCO, SUPERMICRO, INTEL) and copyright software.
  • Services of website design, content management and website promotion.
  • Design and build website system (E-commerce, Portals, News).
  • Design services (Logo, Corporate Identity, Profile), Content management and Web promotion (SEO, SEM, Google Adword, Email Marketing)
  • IP PBX Solution / service: 1900, 1800, VoIP, IP PBX, Contact Center
  • Consult, design, integrate and develop IT and Media systems
  • Value added services on the Internet and Mobile (Internet & Mobile services)
  • Develop e-commerce solutions and applications
  • Online videoconferencing services.
  • Online Data Backup services.

Over many years of operation, VDO trading has been successful in establishing strong relationships with many clients. VDO trading offers the most competitive prices on the market. At the same time, VDO trading acts with the motto of building a trustworthy brand with customers.

The formation and development of the Company

Vietnam Data Online Joint Stock Company was established on 28/07/2009, formed from a group of officials and engineers who have worked and had many years’ experience in telecommunication, IT, software companies and large corporations such as FPT, VNPT, Viettel, CMC, HIPT, Cisco, Microsoft etc. From the date of establishment, VDO trading has orientated in focusing on developing in value added field on the Internet and Mobile, the field of information technology and e-commerce, providing application software solutions, IT application solutions in business and production etc. VDO trading specially has utilized the qualified human resources with thoughtful expertise focusing on the field of Data center data storage and backup data center – disaster protection ( Data center, Hosting, DR Backup ), the field of software technology and system integration to develop software solutions based on the Internet, e-commerce solutions, etc.

Direction – vision

We aim to become a trusted partner providing Data center services, Internet and value added services on the Internet and leading application solutions of information technology in Vietnam. We endeavor to develop software solutions and deploy overall management system for enterprises: integrated systems, convenient, smart and easy to use, etc.

Brand and Message

VDO trading Logo is design in a simple and modern manner. It demonstrates consistency, from colors and breakthrough speed, strong bonding, professionalism and confidence, VDO trading logo not only shows as a solid shape combined from many parts but also shows the direction for clear purposes.

Motto of VDO trading is to be engaged in providing and consulting value-added services on the Internet, operating software solutions for business management, e-commerce solutions, VDO trading determines the success of our customers is an important goal and shall commit to making great efforts with our customers to achieve that value.

Core values

– Targeting customers

+  from strategic thinking

+  to plans and activities

+  in product design and development

+  through services and customer service

+  with benefits, utility and value brought to customers

 Cooperation and share

+  with colleagues

+  with partners

+  with customers

+  with shareholders

+  with community

– Activeness and creativity

+  Enterprising

+  continuous improvement

+ available solutions

+  flexible application

+  wise decision

 Strong growth

+  in each member

+  in each group

+  in departments

+  in unit & in the company

VDO trading has been willing to become a trusted partner with customers to catch up with the advanced technology solutions and contribute to the success of the business community and users with the high quality products / services. In order to achieve this, our plan is a strong focus on the following key values:

  • Customer is a center.
  • VDO trading pays attention to the Staff and encourages everyone to be creative.
  • Product quality is consistent throughout the production process.
  • Maximize Utility and Profit in each supplied product/ service.
  • Commit to supporting customers 24/24 & 24/7.