About Us

In order to meet the increasing demand of outsourcing information technology equipment and services, and to help customers who need to learn, register and use the services quickly and easily, we develop  the website www.dichvucongnghethongtin.vn, which is a reliable, professional, pretigous information website and a dedicated information channel on service packages of hardware rental; information technology service outsourcing; information technology personnel outsourcing.

With ten years of experiences in supplying information technology services:

Server services and Data center:

Renting Dedicated Server, server location (Colocation), Cloud server (Cloud VPS, Cloud Server), Rack, Server room, Disaster Recovery (DRS), Tape Offsite.

Information technology equipment renting:

Server, Workstation, Desktop, Laptop,Tablet, Printer, Scanner, Photocopier, Server Storages, NAS, SAN, Networking, Projector, video conference equipment, uninterruptible power supply.

Information technology service outsourcing

Maintenance of equipment, network systems, servers; the information technology system removal; network system, server administration; Risk prevention and solutions; information technology system rental; information technology personnel hire; software production and development.

VDO Trading commits to providing our customers with services which are qualified at optimal costs in equipment and personnel, time savings and other management cost saving. We on behalf of you do the above-mentioned tasks, helping your enterprise focus on its major tasks in order to improve the efficiency of the investment and the business activities, increasing its competitiveness and profit revenue.


VDO Trading supplies the information technology sevice rental in which the customers can, depending on their demand, choose one or many dedicated hardwares including: Server, Workstation, Desktop, Laptop,Tablet, Printer, Scanner, Photocopier, Server Storages, NAS, SAN, Networking, Projector, video conference equipment, uninterruptible power supply.

Outsourcing of information technology equipment is an ideal choice for domestic and foreign customers operating in Vietnam who need to rent the above information technology equipment for a short-term period (1 month, 3 months, 6 months) to implement seminars, conferences, events; test of software application (web applications, mobile applications), systemic software, management software, software testing, training and technology transfer, training and job training, games show, etc., Using a equipment outsourcing service will help your enterprise reduce initial investment costs, not take risk on the hardware equipment, not worry about the big investment in equipment but using them in short time only

Other services


Outsourcing services on the network, server system management, administration and operation; equipment, network, server maintenance; information technology system removal; risks prevention and solutions; renting information technology system ; hiring the information technology personnel, software production and development is the service solutions to help organizations, state agencies and enterprises optimize and save costs, time, etc.,. VDO Trading commits to providing professional services, ensuring device quality, security, safety and data security.




It is simply because we understand you and on behalf of you to do the tasks that we have experience and specialize in (providing comprehensive service solutions: hardware, software and attached services).

  • Helping your enterprises not to worry about the late progress rate of the project due to waiting time for goods import from foreign countries or due to the lack of activeness in equipment and work related to equipment purchase investment.
  • Not taking risk on hardware equipment due to the short-term use period.
  • Suitable to conferences, conventions, events, application, system software testing, training and vocational training, games show in short-term period (1 month, 3 months, 6 months).
  • Optimizing the investment cost and saving time.
  • Optimizing and saving costs and time for human resource recruitment, training, management and other sources.

Having ten years of experience in supplying customers with reliable, professional and prestigious services.

  • The sales and service policy of VDO Trading is competitive.
  • Helping your enterprises to increase the competitiveness and profit revenue.
  • The services are professional and of quality, security and safety insurance for the equipment and the safety for the data.
  • Supporting in 24/7.
  • The VDO Trading’s sales and consultancy staff is highly experienced and professional.